Album Review: Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing – Split (Self Released)

Seattle bands Into the Storm and Smooth Sailing have teamed up to release a new split album that will be out on March 23rd 2018.The split consists of two tracks by Into The Storm and four tracks by Smooth Sailing.

Smooth 1

Into the Storm commented about the release “We are excited to release this split with our pals Smooth Sailing. Over the years we have shared stages, tours, practice spaces and even a member. This split for us is a throwback to times shared lamenting the state of the world, governments and surveillance while throwing back a couple of cold ones under the stars. Take it with you when you are out in the forest or walking along the concrete jungle.”

They might only have two tracks on this split but Into the Storm set out to make sure you know everything about them. Murder, Murder, Murder is a shotgun shell to the face, delivering instant intensity wrapped up in a sludgy sound that is borderline hellish. When it drops the tempo it just takes on an even darker guitar heavy edge leaving you shivering in the cold.

The second track, the excellently titled ‘So How Do You Explain All The Dead Unicorns?’, brings so much quality with fuzzy guitar riffs, vocals that roar with pain, deep bass hooks & bundles of rhythm. Unbelievably good.

It’s a tough act to follow but Smooth Sailing get 4 goes at it.

With a much more punky ethos, Smooth Sailing fire upbeat riffs alongside a grimy style of vocals on the super short, 4599272. It’s immediately followed by the much more refined, bass heavy ripping of Stevie Ray Oiye. A much more attention grabbing track, the hypnotic riffing is the sound of a super-confident & excited band.

While Smooth Sailing’s efforts might not be a million miles away from Into the Storms, there is some fairly obvious differences. The main one being the difference in beats & hooks. Smooth Sailing’s is filled with feel-good punkiness & a track as spectacular as Ryler Tomo deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

The Split album finishes off with the heaviest & most aggressive track that Smooth Sailing has. Hey Girl, Egg Roll, Dave Grohl brings doom to life, heavy enough to shake the gates of heaven apart, during its introduction before switching direction & providing a stunning variation on post-rock. It builds & builds, creating such anticipation for one final ferocious attack and then it just ends. You kind of want to get mad but it’s such a great track that you can only smile at the ballsiness of the band.

6 tracks, 2 different bands and a contender for one of the best Split releases of the year. Both Into the Storm & Smooth Sailing do utterly fantastic jobs of selling themselves. Bravo.

Smooth 2

Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing – Split Full Track Listing:

1. Into the Storm – Murder, Murder, Murder
2. Into the Storm – So How Do You Explain All The Dead Unicorns?
3. Smooth Sailing – 4599272
4. Smooth Sailing – Stevie Ray Oiye
5. Smooth Sailing – Ryler Tomo
6. Smooth Sailing – Hey Girl, Egg Roll, Dave Grohl

You can pick up Into the Storm’s music via Bandcamp. Found out more about them over on their Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. You can pick up Smooth Sailing’s music & merch here and find out more about them via their website, Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram.

Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing - Split (Self Released)
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