Album Review: Staurophagia – Sacrifice Of The Wind (Self Released)

Sometimes just the description of an album is enough to excite you. Case in point…the new release from the Staurophagia project. Called ‘The Sacrifice of the Wind’, it is a collection of old demo tracks recorded between 2015 and 2017.

An experiment with shortwave radio, microtonal guitars and modular synths, the aim of the project was to give the album the feel as if it was transmitted from deep space. To give it this feeling, after the album was composed it was then transmitted via shortwave radio and recorded on cassette. To give it a really raw feel.



Excited yet?

What a unique release this is. I absolutely love the imagination within Staurophagia. It’s a fascinating idea played out impressively across ten very unique tracks of sonic oddities. The planned effect, the deep space sound, really comes across and gives it a sinister, evil edge. This isn’t wonder we’re experiencing, this is cold dread.

Such bleakness is hard to listen too yet Staurophagia draw you in with layered dark atmosphere and harsh ambience. This is not an album to relax your mind and body but rather one to leave you feeling empty and lost.

It’s an unforgettable listen that truly looks to haunt not just your dreams but your waking world too. Descriptions can hardly do it justice; this is simply an album that delivers on all its promises while staying rooted firmly in the blackest of black.

If you need just one track to understand what Staurophagia have managed here then make When the Gods Came Down the one you listen too.

Staurophagia 1

Staurophagia – The Sacrifice of the Wind Full Track Listing:

1. Intro: Extreme Unction
2. When the Gods Came Down
3. The Curse of Present
4. Sabnack’s Costellation
5. From Antarctica to the Moon
6. That Gory Thing From Nowhere
7. Frozen Temple of Apollyon
8. Druidic Dark Sacrament
9. Keraunomaniac
10. Outro: Malum Est Tetrum Profluvium Livor Fruor Fungor Potior Ego Sum Pro Habeo

You can stream and buy the album via Bandcamp.

Staurophagia - Sacrifice Of The Wind (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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