Album Review: Stass – Songs Of Flesh And Decay (Emanzipation Productions)

If you join one of the most prolific and talented guitar players in the Swedish death metal scene – Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Revolting, Down Among The Dead Man) – with one of the most memorable and recognizable voices in the metal history – Felix Stass (Crematory) – what do you get? Stass, an old-school death metal band with a pedigree.

The group’s second album, Songs Of Flesh And Decay will be released on digital, CD, and LP by Emanzipation Productions, on January 15th, 2021.

Does Rogga Johansson ever stop? It feels like barely a month goes by and we’re not listening and reviewing another release from one of his many different bands and projects. It’s 2021 and here we are again, this time alongside the incomparable Felix Stass. The result is an excitingly catchy and groovy slab of old school death metal capable of causing even the most mild-mannered listener into a frothing, raging and circle-pit demanding beast.

The classy roars of the vocals can’t be understated while the rawness of guitars ensure few won’t be fully attentive throughout its 11 track and 35-minute runtime. Although, the more of a taste you have for the old-school Swedish death metal sound, the more you’re likely to find yourself fully invested. As there’s no hiding from we get here on Songs of Flesh and Decay. 11 tracks of dark and twisted death metal with a ton of vigour and adamant ruthlessness.

An easy way to distract yourself from the chaos of the world for a little over half an hour.

Stass – Songs of Flesh and Decay Full Track Listing:

1. Dreams of Rotting Flesh
2. Forest of Bony Fingers
3. Beneath a Darkened Moon
4. I Work at Night
5. Sounds of Terror
6. Fear of the Living Dead
7. As the Seasons Bleach Your Bones
8. Skin That Peels Away
9. The Skeletons Are Ready
10. Hatchet Lover
11. The Revenge Of The Bog (Sounds of Terror II)


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Songs Of Flesh And Decay (Emanzipation Productions)
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