Album Review: Spawned from Hate – Elective Amputation (Brutal Mind)

Formed in Birmingham, UK in 2012 and following 3 independent releases, the most recent in 2018, Spawned from Hate are set to release their long-awaited debut full-length album on June 28th, 2024. Called ‘Elective Amputation’, it will be available on CD and digital formats via Brutal Mind.

Be prepared for a blast of heaviness as Spawned from Hate make this album’s savage intensity clear from the start with Unchained Unbound. The cacophony of drums and guitars that greets is startling, and it only gets more and more gruesome as deep, guttural roars join the fray. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s f**king disgusting, and you’ll love it.

Especially as the viciousness is not a one off, but rather the makeup of the entire album. Credit to Spawned from Hate, this level of vitriol is often unsustainable, but they command the attention across the breadth of the album.

Delivering cranial damage with the violent Butcher my Master, tearing flesh from bone with Intravenous Violation, and making the mind beg for mercy with Bane Consumption. The first half of the album flying by in a blur of riotous riffing, blood-spraying hooks, pulverising drums, and rancid vocals. Spawned from Hate sound like a band possessed by the denizens of hell.

It’s not just noise for the sake of noise though. This is an impressive showing of how to make extreme metal appealing, even if those it does appeal to have to have one hell of a twisted mind. Especially when the album continues to elect so much glee with thick and chunky efforts like Oppressor and manic oppressive efforts like PDU. If there are any tracks liable to give you neck ache through an intense bout of head-banging, it’s these two.

There’s no let up as the album reaches its latter stage, and with even more vitriol, Spawned from Hate spew up some of the nastiest sounds so far with Hereditary Hatred, Supreme Being, and the title track. Right up to the very end, they pummel the senses until everything is mush. It shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is, but that’s the quality Spawned from Hate exude. Elective Amputation might have been a long time coming, but it was well worth that wait.

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Spawned from Hate – Elective Amputation Track Listing:

1. Unchained Unbound
2. Butcher My Master
3. Intravenous Violation
4. Bane Consumption
5. Oppressor
6. PDU
7. Hereditary Hatred
8. Supreme Being
9. Elective Amputation


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Spawned from Hate – Elective Amputation (Brutal Mind)
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