Horror Short Review: The Vents (2024)

Coming from Buried Hatchet Productions, written and directed by Vincent Dormani, and starring Jamie Roseman, George Sams, and Sean Doty, The Vents is a solid horror short.

A man checks into a hotel, meets the extremely odd clerk, and goes to his room for the night. Clearly exhausted, he settles down and watches a bit of House on Haunted Hill, before falling asleep.

Later, waking up soaked in sweat, he notices the vent in his room is open, and that his legs have some sort of webbing stuck to them. Confused and disorientated, he decides to investigate the open vent, but sees nothing, closing it up.

That’s because whatever came out of it, is now in the room with him.

A fun little creature feature that delivers on the promise of a frightening scenario and a memorable monster. The story is enjoyable, the acting is decent, and the monster effects are good. The final shot of the short is particularly disturbing. Definitely worth a watch.

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Check it out below.


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The Vents (2024)
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