EP Review: Ashen Reach – The Fear (Self Released)

High-flying Brit metal crew Ashen Reach triumphantly return with their eagerly awaited new EP, ‘The Fear’, out on March 22nd, 2024.

I’m no stranger to Ashen Reach, having positively reviewed their debut album ‘Homecoming’ in 2020. It felt then that they had the make-up of a band who could be big in the metal world. A band who understood the importance of being anthemic, as well as heavy. Of course, we all know what was going on in 2020 and 2021, and while they may not have ‘blown up’ as much as I’d expected at the time, they had certainly made an impression on the wider metal community.

So, where do they stand in 2024? Even more poised for worldwide stardom, as this new EP delivers five tracks of unforgettable modern metal. Infectious head-bangers that showcase growth and improved talents when it comes to more emphatic melody and groove. Not only that, they’re really exploring more worlds and opener Ghosts is the perfect example of this. Just listen to those symphonic infusions.

A big start, one that has a more measured sound, is then balanced by D1v1de. Something with a bit more groove to it and the riffing during the speedier parts are thrilling. Ashen Reach’s creativity is at a high though and this is a daringly progressive piece of music, melodious and manic, structured in a way that it is still innately infectious.

Then along comes Neophobia, and if you’re head wasn’t banging already, it will be here. The differing vocal styles is a particularly inspired choice. Followed then by The Dark, and Ashen Reach absolutely killing it with a combination of serrated guitars, a chorus that soars, and a solo near the end that is simply fabulous. Few bands put this much effort in being so varied on an EP, but that’s Ashen Reach for you.

It’s over far too quickly, but at least it goes out with a bang as Ashen Reach turn in one final track that takes the epic-ness found on the opener, but enhances it to even greater levels. It’s a big finish, but this is a band who really don’t do small.

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Ashen Reach – The Fear Track Listing:

1. Ghosts
2. D1v1de
3. Neophobia
4. The Dark
5. Lost


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Ashen Reach - The Fear (Self Released)
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