Album Review: Soul Dissolution – Stardust (Black Lion Records)

Soul Dissolution are a black metal project from Belgium, formed in December 2012. The band released their debut full length in February 2016, entitled Pale Distant Light and are following that up with Stardust on March 25th 2018 via Black Lion Records.

Soul Dissolution 2

A melodic black metal band, Soul Dissolution bring wondrous & epic sounding darkness steeped in atmosphere.

The intro, Vision (an intro that really fits) slides into Circle of Torment, a simply stunning piece of music. The mix of hard-hitting metal & bleak melody sees its near 10-minute run time fly by in a hurricane of roaring vocals, haunted riffs & earth-shattering drums.

Their ability to create soul-searching & emotive music is impressive as the title track shows of a rougher edge before changing tempo while The Last Farewell exudes such beautiful melody that it may be one of the best tracks of the year. Even when the pace increases & the black metal comes roaring out it still retains a staggering amount of atmospheric rhythm.

If there is one complaint about Stardust, it is that it is too short. It is with great sadness that the bloodying Far Above the Boiling Sea of Life brings things to a close. A final piece of sombre & reflective melodic black metal.

One of the finest atmospheric black metal albums of the year.



Soul Dissolution – Stardust Full Track Listing:

1. Vision
2. Circle Of Torment
3. Stardust
4. Mountain Path
5. The Last Farewell
6. Far Above The Boiling Sea Of Life

You can order the new album via Bandcamp here & earlier releases here. Find out more/keep up to date with news over on Facebook. You can also listen to the final track on the album via Bandcamp above or Apple Music below.


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Soul Dissolution - Stardust (Black Lion Records)
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