EP Review: They Flesh Consumed – Her Name is His Password (Ukem Records)

Previously only available as a digital release, Ukem Records now brings to you the physical release of Thy Flesh Consumed’s latest effort ‘Her Name Is His Password’. Containing three brand new tracks, this CD release also contains three bonus tracks from the bands previous EP’s, Life is Good (2015), All in a Day’s Work (2014) and Intravenous Bleach Injection (2013). It will be released on March 16th 2018.

Flesh Consumed 2

Put the kids to bed, lock the pets in a room and hide granny in the closet, Thy Flesh Consumed are here & they’re not messing around. Her Name is His Password is a filth-crusted, slimy & brutalising listen. The heaviest that death metal can be with absolutely no give.

Assault…Thy Flesh Consumed should be charged with assault by time you’ve reached the end of this 6-track release. It’s impossibly intense, impossibly heavy and impossibly addictive.

If you’re looking for something to consume your soul then look no further with the likes of At Least We Can Be Remembered and Get High or Die Trying. A double header that spit intense venom & hate yet still retain rhythm enough to make them enjoyable.

Amazingly the title track somehow ups the ante & delivers an even more vomit inducing listen before Sewer Dweller gives the tiniest respite with slightly less bass.

The drop-in quality on the title track from the 2014 EP, All in A Day’s Work is unfortunately quite noticeable before the title track from 2013’s Intravenous Bleach Injection goes for a stomach-churning effect.



Flesh Consumed 1

They Flesh Consumed – Her Name is His Password Full Track Listing:

1. At Least We Can Be Remembered
2. Get High or Die Trying
3. Her Name Is His Password
4. Sewer Dweller (from Life is Good)
5. All in A Day’s Work (from All in a Day’s Work)
6. Intravenous Bleach Injection (from Intravenous Bleach Injection)

You can order the EP on Bandcamp and via Ukem Records here. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook, their website and watch videos on YouTube.


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They Flesh Consumed – Her Name is His Password (Ukem Records)
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