Album Review: Sometimes We Make Music – Trail Of The Fallen (Self Released)

Norwegian symphonic metal band, Sometimes We Make Music started in the spring of 2013 as a studio project as the band lived 400 km apart, therefore the name. Since their inception the band have released and EP (Forgotten Tales) in 2013 and two singles (Skogens Ro and Descending into Darkness) in 2015.

Now, on the 22nd January 2020, the band will finally unleash their full length debut entitled ‘Trail of the Fallen’.

There is something to be said for taking your time when it comes to creating music, even if it is forced because of distance. It can go one of two ways, mind you. A lack of focus can result in a muddled direction and incomplete sounding piece or it can go the way of Trail of the Fallen. Where the end result is a bombastic, upbeat and exciting collection of tracks.

Sharing more in common with the likes of Wintersun, Ensiferum, Turisas and more. Sometimes We Make Music bring big riffs, layers of subtle symphonic elements, growling vocals, gargantuan bass hooks and more with their debut. Kicking it all off in fist pumping fashion with By the Might of the Crow.

They then bring a groovy and punchy battle metal sound with Famine, exciting but no nonsense riffing with the title track and the faster, heavier and much more symphonically driven Hymn of the Lost Lord.

It’s not all serious though as Sometimes We Make Music drops a bit of a jig with Queen Anne’s Revenge. A track that is soaked in late night boozing vibes before transforming into a battle epic and later, lightening the load with some proper catchiness. What an excellent track this is.

Atmospheric gloom and symphonic grandness arrives next for Demon before The Return erupts with incredibly powerful metal. A real showcase of metal heaviness from Sometimes We Make Music and one of the more serious toned tracks from the band.

It’s a nice contrast and keeps the Trail of the Fallen focused as we reach the finale and enormous rock ballad of Two Kings.

Sometimes We Make Music – Trail of the Fallen Full Track Listing:

1. By the Might of the Crow
2. Famine
3. Trail of the Fallen
4. Hymn of the Lost Lord
5. Queen Anne’s Revenge
6. Demon
7. The Return
8. Two Kings




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Sometimes We Make Music - Trail Of The Fallen (Self Released)
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