Music News: Pitchshifter Re-Release Their ‘Un-United Kingdom’ Single on January 31st to Commiserate Brexit!

Agent provocateurs Pitchshifter prophetically foreshadowed the current Brexit debacle with their 1999 release ‘Un-United Kingdom’.

The band are re-releasing the Un-Uk track on January 31st, joined by vocalists and co-conspirators from The Wildhearts, Fear Factory, ‘A’, Sikth, Hundred Reasons and Earthtone 9!

JS Clayden said:

In these times of political and societal dischord, we give you the ‘Un-United Kingdom 20th Anniversary Brexit Edition’, featuring gang vocals from the following pillars of the community: J.S. Clayden of Pitchshifter, Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, Ginger of The Wildhearts, Jason Perry of ‘A’, Mikee Goodman of Sikth, Colin Doran of Hundred Reasons and Karl Middleton of Earthtone 9.

The track is available to pre-order and pre-save on Bandcamp, Spotify and all all other streaming sites here.


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