Album Review: Slithering Decay – Aeons Untold (Testimony Records)

Emerging from barbaric and gruesome depths, Belgium’s Slithering Decay will unleash their full-length debut. With the aid of Testimony Records, this ode to old school blackened death metal called ‘Aeons Untold’ will arrive on May 21st 2021.

That ripple on still water wasn’t your imagination, it’s the arrival of Slithering Decay. Here to deliver an album that can be rightfully called the herald of the end times at the twisted hands of the old gods. Humanity weep because Aeons Untold is the sound of your destruction.

Ten tracks long and absolutely dripping in ferocious heaviness. Guitars that cleave through flesh like a hot knife through butter. Drumming that is akin to the thumps and twacks coming from two bloodied warriors fighting to the death. Vocals laced with poison, moving at a death-defying speed through the veins. Whatever instrument Slithering Decay wield, it’s devastation upon the human body. Put it all together, as we find on this album and we have something truly horrific.

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Horrible but so damn memorable, fans of the extreme have much to enjoy here. Be it a constant frenzied pace or just the general assault of guttural noise. It’s thrilling stuff and thanks to the indominable power of Slithering Decay, it never gets old or boring. In fact, there’s a fair bit more variety to their sound than expected. The buzz and snap of the riffs are wild and constantly changing, there are slight melody tones and moves from death to black are subtle and perfectly refined.

Savage as fuck and brutal as all hell… extreme metal fans have something new to worship at the altar of.

Slithering Decay – Aeons Untold Full Track Listing:

1. Metaphysical Iconoclasm
2. Bloodstained Tears
3. Orgy of Flesh
4. Embedded in Hollowness
5. Internal Dismay
6. Psychotic Ecstasy
7. Verminous Flood
8. Resurrected in Chaos
9. Doomsday Prayer
10. Blood Unforeseen


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Slithering Decay - Aeons Untold (Testimony Records)
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