Album Review: Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us (Lacerated Enemy Records)

The tech/slam giants Wormhole will release highly anticipated sophomore album The Weakest Among Us on January 14th, 2020 via Lacerated Enemy Records.

With all the grace of an angry bull in a shop full of expensive plates, Wormhole kick and buck with unrestrained fury. This is riff-driven tech but with a thick and darkened vein of feral slam and savagery running through it. From the moment it breaks across the mind like a tidal wave decimating a city, Wormhole punish the weak and to even try and resist is futile.

It’s unrestrained tech death/slam but nowhere as messy or unlistenable as others can be in this genre. Wormhole are clearly focused on what they want to achieve here, nightmarish and brutish heaviness that will leave most gasping for air.

From the vocals that sound like slime and sludge being sucked through a blocked drain. To the guitar riffs that are weighty enough to punch a hole in the atmosphere, bass that swings its beat around wildly looking for a head to connect with and drums that are the equivalent of a a horde of demons stampeding through the mind. It’s all so infectiously interesting even if it is a mental battering.

Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us Full Track Listing:

1. The Weakest Among Us
2. rA9/Myth
3. D-S3
4. Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon
5. The Gas System
6. Ultrafrigid
7. Quad MB
8. Ingswarm




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Wormhole - The Weakest Among Us (Lacerated Enemy Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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