Album Review: Slagduster – Deadweight (Waterlow Audio Records)

Slagduster hail from Grand Forks, British Columbia in Canada & Deadweight is their followup to their debut album, Nature.Humanity.Machine in 2010. Deadweight will be released on May 5th 2017 via Waterlow Audio Records.

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It’s hard to know what to think upon first hearing the opening track, Soldiers of Meth off Slagduster’s new album, Deadweight. It’s such a disjointed mess but as it goes on it all starts to make sense.

The fusion of groove metal, punk attitude & plenty of experimental/dejent sounds results in an album that will excite as much as it will confuse. At times it’s genius sounding on par with the likes of Gojira & The Dillinger Escape Plan. At others it seems to buckle under the burden of trying to be as experimental as possible.

There’s something about it that resonates loudly though. The sudden bursts of drum beats, the snarling vocals, the full-bodied hooks…it all combines to create songs that crawl into the brain & start laying eggs. It really grows on you.

The frantic nature of Mother’s Milk, the bassy beat & intense guitar riffs of Cheer Up Clown and the roaring vocals & clever melodies of Ivory into Coal. Song after song of quality groove sounding metal with sudden flourishes that excite constantly.

9 songs long, it doesn’t have time to get old or run out of imagination, something it has plenty of! Ending on the best song of the album, Untouchable. The ingredients combining here to give an exciting plate of metal that ensures you’re not going to be forgetting about Deadweight anytime soon.

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Slagduster – Deadweight Full Track Listing:

1. Soldiers of Meth
2. Peeping Ron
3. Profane Puppet
4. Mother’s Milk
5. Mushroom Stomp
6. On All Fours
7. Cheer Up Clown
8. Ivory Into Coal
9. Untouchable

You can pick up Deadweight over on Slagduster’s Bandcamp page here. Pop over & check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeMyspace.

Slagduster - Deadweight (Waterlow Audio Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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