Album Review: Nofuck – Walls of Flesh (MurdHer Records)

Walls of Flesh is the second album from Italian Death Metal band Nofuck & it was released on April 5th 2017 via MurdHer Records.

Nofuck 1

Opening with the title track, Walls of Flesh this is an aggressive start that doesn’t hang about. Heavy vocals with some really eye-opening guitar rhythm. A sudden drops into a second or two of melody before it hits as hard as before sounds amazing. Throw in some crushing drum beats & a solid solo at the end & what you have is a stunning song that builds anticipation for the rest of the album.

Unfortunately nothing hits that high but it’s still a slamming piece of death metal goodness. The short but very sweet, Empire, the chugging guitar in Panther (although the metalcore style vocal change is disappointing) & the groove laden hooks of 99. Its song after song of really enjoyable, modern sounding metal.

Things get even better with Soul to Forge, the solid as hell, Disseminate & the fantastic rhythm of Zombie Love. Nofuck know how to play & they take absolutely no prisoners except during the oddly placed & bland metalcore moments such Time to Close. The penultimate song, it’s the worst of the ten tracks but thankfully Hot Hell California ensures things end on a high.

Gorgeous rhythm & hooks that get right under the skin, it’s a great finish to an album that hits plenty of high notes. The odd misstep with the more metalcore sounding tracks can be forgiven when everything else is so solid!

Nofuck 2

Nofuck – Walls of Flesh Full Track Listing:

1. Walls of Flesh
2. Empire
3. Panther
4. 99
5. Soul to Forge
6. Psychopig
7. Disseminate
8. Zombie Love
9. Time to Close
10. Hot Hell California

You can pick up Wall of Flesh over on Bigcartel & through MurdHer Records here. You can find out more about the Nofuck on their website here, on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Also check out MurdHer Records on Facebook here.

Nofuck - Walls of Flesh (MurdHer Records)
  • 7/10
    The Final Score - 7/10
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