AI and iGaming – A Match Made in Heaven?

While the major tech buzz over previous years has been chiefly focused on the blockchain, NFTs and, of course, the metaverse – 2023 is undoubtedly the year of AI. It seems wherever you look today, you’ll find evidence of AI innovation. At first this wizardry seemed confined to art and design, with everything from celebrity deepfakes to competition winning AI generated artworks capturing headlines.

However, the arrival of Open AI’s latest Large Language Model, Chat GPT-4 – which was released to the public in March, is perhaps the most momentous development in the public AI conversation to date. Large Language Models, or LLMs, like GPT-4 and Google’s Bard, are trained on massive amounts of internet content, giving them access to an enormous data-set on which to train and develop their linguistic abilities.

This has led to a number of truly surprising emergent properties, highlighting the fact that this technology is so new and groundbreaking that the researchers behind these models do not even fully understand their capabilities.

The world AI is moving fast, particularly now that AIs are increasingly being used to train themselves. What we can know for sure though, is that AI is here to stay, and is on the verge of impacting every aspect of our lives. What some may not recognise, is that the pivot towards ‘smart’ technology – from Amazon’s Alexa, to Apple TV, are all just prior iterations and stepping stones towards these more sophisticated AI systems.

Already we’re seeing AI getting integrated into a huge number of products. For example, Adobe is actively seeking to incorporate an AI into Photoshop to help artists workshop images with AI generated assistance. Another area where we’re sure to see AI establish itself before long is in the world of gaming, with everything from free-to-play titles to iGaming platforms keen to integrate the technology.

The iGaming sector at large has always been eager to remain at the leading edge of technological advancements. This impulse is only natural when one considers that leading internet gaming establishments such as Wildz Online Casino represent the lived impact of digital transformation on the sector. By consciously moving beyond and differentiating themselves from brick-and-mortar venues, platforms like this intrinsically look at disruptive tech as a growth area.

We are already seeing the earliest successful attempts to incorporate everything from crypto-currencies to VR experiences into iGaming platforms, and the scope for AI integration is massive. Below we’re going to take a look at some key ways that we could expect to see AI combining with iGaming products going forward.

Broad-Spectrum Customer Support

LLMs represent the next generation of chat bot, and as such stand to be extremely useful for any public-facing business such as online casinos. Next generation AI chat bots will be able to answer and address complex queries and resolve problems without ever needing to resort to connecting the querent with a live agent.

Dynamic and Bespoke Gaming

AIs will be able to analyse your gameplay in real time, and scale difficulty and stakes dynamically to your level. In this way, AIs stand to be at the vanguard of new betting and money management tools that help protect customers’ resources.

AIs will be able to create wholly new games or variants on the fly, giving customers an unlimited array of options on what to play – each specifically curated to their interests and preferences. In this way, AI could help players improve their gameplay by dynamically coaching them and creating learning exercises focused on targeting weaknesses and blindspots in their existing play styles.

Real Time Data Analytics

AI will be able to crunch the probabilities on an unfolding event at much greater speed and efficiency when compared with a human – it will also be able to incorporate a much wider range of data inputs when determining odds. This stands to revolutionise the way betting markets operate, and will be particularly beneficial with respect to in-play wagers.


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