Album Review: Sinsid – Enter the Gates (Pitch Black Records)

Originally formed in 2012, Sinsid’s influences include everything from blues and rock to metal, Viking and thrash but the very core of the band is, unmistakably, traditional heavy metal. The band’s debut came out in 2018 and “Mission From Hell” triumphantly introduced Sinsid to the metal world and quickly gained the band a massive new following.

The band now continues its mission, as it prepares to unleash its next offering. Enter the Gates is out on September 18th 2020 via Pitchblack Records.

As ‘heavy metal’ as a leather-clad Rob Halford, Dio and Bruce Dickenson, all riding Harley Davidson’s three-abreast down the road while drinking tankards of beer and throwing the horns non-stop. That is Sinsid and that is Enter the Gates. An unashamed band delivering an unashamed tribute to the yesteryear of metal. That they do it so well is the true highlight though.

Nine no-nonsense, hair-flinging head-bangers that are notable for how damn infectious they are. Sinsid might be staring at the past when it comes to delivering their music but there is no denying they know exactly how to make it their own too.

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Sinsid might be new kids on the block but releases this strong and done so effortlessly makes it seem like they’ve been on the circuit for the last 40 years! If the likes of Fighting With Fire, Hail to the Gods and Dawn of Night doesn’t get the fist pumping, there’s something probably wrong with you.

Sinsid – Enter the Gates Full Track Listing:

1. Rise of Fury
2. Enter the Gates
3. Fighting with Fire
4. Hail to the Gods
5. Point of no Return
6. 666
7. Dawn of Night
8. Roll the Dice
9. Freedom of the Sea


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Sinsid - Enter the Gates (Pitch Black Records)
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