Album Review: Trauma – As The World Dies (Pure Steel Records)

Trauma is highly revered by those in the know as an important evolutionary entity in the intersection of traditional heavy metal, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and the more melodically minded classic rock influenced bands on the Sunset Strip.

Trauma 2

This is the band responsible for the much sought after classic ‘80s album, “Scratch and Scream”, featuring killer cuts like “The Day All Hell Broke Loose” and “Lay Low”. Three decades passed before the reconfigured band reemerged in support of a re-mastered edition of their debut and delivered its 2015 follow-up, “Rapture and Wrath”.

Trauma now present their landmark third album “As The World Dies”, staying true to the signature sound that came before but with a very modern edge. The album will be released on February 15th 2019 via Pure Steel Records.

Trauma’s As the World Dies bows to the riff. With a blend of traditional heavy metal and speed, the ten tracks that make up this blast from the past is all about the denim, long hair and head-bangers.

Constantly high-tempo, The Rage and From Here to Hell come screaming out of the nine circles on a motorbike wreathed in flames. The title track then takes things in a moodier doom-like direction with squealing guitars and vocals that will send shivers up spines.

There’s few dips in quality here as Last Rites, Asylum and Entropy deliver horn-throwing, head-banging and roars of traditional heavy metal goodness. The only real negative that can be thrown Trauma’s way is that this style of metal does sound dated and have a shelf-life. The band seem to be more than aware of that though and wrap things up within 10 tracks.

The penultimate track, Cool Aid also offers something a little different with this excellent group vocal chant of ‘drink the cool aid’ followed by a rager of a guitar solo. Savage then sees things out as it begun, speedy riffs with both feet planted heavily in the past.

Trauma 1

Trauma – As the World Dies Full Track Listing:

1. The Rage
2. From Here to Hell
3. As the World Dies
4. Gun to Your Head
5. Last Rites
6. Run for Cover
7. Asylum
8. Entropy
9. Cool Aid
10. Savage

Head over to Pure Steel Records to order the album as well as Big Cartel. The album will also be available via all major digital streaming services on release. Find out more/keep up to date by going to Trauma’s website, Facebook Page and Instagram.

Trauma - As The World Dies (Pure Steel Records)
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