Album Review: Kaarnekorpi – Rajankävijä (Self Released)

The pagan metal act Kaarnekorpi forged their skull-cracking metal in 2004, starting as a collaboration of two brothers, Tuomas and Raimo, in the rural town of Alavus, Finland.

As their songs steadily gained foothold in the international metal community, Tuomas decided to look for like-minded individuals to transform this two-man project into a proper band with live performances. Since then, the band established their home in Tampere, where first shows and recordings with the full line-up took place.

After a bloody path filled with anthems of victory as well as departures, Kaarnekorpi emerges with new zeal, and a thunderous debut full length album. “Rajankävijä” (release date 26th of October 2018) demonstrates the most unforgiving, yet exhilarating aspects of the band. Be ready for eight fiery blasts from the furnace of a war machine that is Kaarnekorpi.



While there isn’t anything particularly unique about the ‘pagan metal’ moniker that Kaarnekorpi adopt, it’s certainly not something that constrains them either. In fact upon hearing opener Valtakunta, it puts me in mind of the likes of Amon Amarth. A hefty comparison to be sure but comes from the rougher and deeper metal riffs and throaty vocals. Although there are clean segments too.

The folksy/pagan bounce that you might expect from the record is present in the upbeat Kaaoksen tuoja. While Oikeudenjakaja has all the guitar groove you could hope for in a hefty slab of metal alongside some catchy female vocals.

Nekronautti then wraps up a solid if unexciting first half with the most imaginative track so far. The gothic-laden, drum-heavy and wandering melody of the track really gets the foot tapping.

The second half begins with focus on traditional folk instruments for Verkonlaskija before getting really heavy with Valitut. This constant shift in focus does require razor-point focus and there is no denying Kaarnekorpi deliver each varying track with aplomb.

The tightness in the riffs, the delivery of the hooks and the smoothness of the vocal switches makes Rajankävijä a very worthy listen. Cemented by a top finish in Linnake and Kaamoksen lapsi.

Kaarnekorpi 1

Kaarnekorpi – Rajankävijä Full Track Listing:

1. Valtakunta
2. Kaaoksen tuoja
3. Oikeudenjakaja
4. Nekronautti
5. Verkonlaskija
6. Valitut
7. Linnake
8. Kaamoksen lapsi

You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more over on Facebook.

Kaarnekorpi – Rajankävijä (Self Released)
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