Album Review: Sinners Bleed – Absolution (War Anthem Records)

16 years after the release of their highly acclaimed debut album “From Womb To Tomb” it´s time for the furious comeback of Berlin’s Sinner’s Bleed.

Sinners Bleed was founded by Sebastian Ankert, Eric Krebs (now Eric Wenzel) and Jan Geidner in 1997. The technical, innovative Death Metal of the 90’s and the late 80’s Thrash Metal sound inspired the band to develop their own well-crafted style. They released two well received demo recordings and the self-released full-length “From Womb to Tomb” in 2003.

2019 marks the return of the band with their second album called Absolution. Out on May 24th via War Anthem Records.

Sinners Bleed 2

Ready for something extreme? Good because Sinners Bleed’s long awaited return is as extreme as only death metal can be. 9 tracks of red hot anger and heaviness. If you’re a fan of death metal you can be confident that you’re going to enjoy Absolution.

However, it’s unfair to just say Sinners Bleed are a death metal band and that’s it. While Age of The Crow and Gleaming Black showcase every bit of aggression as you’d hope to hear, the technicalities of the guitars and drum combo allows them to stand out that little more. Not only that, a whining and powerful solo give the latter an extra sharp edge.

Still, it’s an album built on pulverising heaviness and harsh brutality. The Second Being hits hard to enough to shake the dust off the foundations of the crusty scene whereas Devouring Hatred takes a bite out of warm flesh and refuses to let go.

Of course extreme metal tracks have the tendency to start melt into one another and Sinners Bleed are no exceptions. While it’s not too prominent here, you’re going to have to pay proper attention to differentiate certain tracks in the latter half. It’s no slur on the quality. Dawn of Infinity, the title track and Obedience rage with unbridled anger delivering memorable heaviness to wake the dead.

By time Jesus’ Delusion Army is reached, the sting of familiarity is really sinking in though. It’s quality high-tempo death metal and that is never a bad thing but picking it out of a lineup on this album is no easy task.

Sinners Bleed 1

Sinners Bleed – Absolution Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Age of The Crow
3. Gleaming Black
4. The Second Being
5. Devouring Hatred
6. Behind the Veil
7. Dawn of Infinity
8. Absolution
9. Obedience
10. Jesus’ Delusion Army



The album can be picked up via War Anthem Records here and more information found via Sinners Bleed’s Facebook Page.

Sinners Bleed - Absolution (War Anthem Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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