Album Review: Malvina – Hybrid War (Various Labels)

Malvina, the Brazilian hardcore/progressive trio has just released the new album “Hybrid War” on April 26th, which was mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room Studios, and distributed worldwide via tons of labels (Morning Wood, Money Fire, 5FeetUnder, Mud Cake, Punk&Disorderly, Geenger, Ghost Factory, Audioslam, Razor, Electric Funeral and Mevzu).

The album’s concept has to do with the rolling coup in Brazil, the rise of neo-fascism and the alt-right attacks over the world.

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Not looking to dodge anything, the core subjects that Malvina touch upon throughout Hybrid War should resonate loudly with everyone who looks to spit in the face of fascism. It’s just one area Malvina visit throughout the ten tracks of the album as they have a lot of ground to cover here.

They sure do it well though with an album that has bundles of metal, hardcore and rock heaviness wrapped up nicely in a particularly clean sound. An album that is very easy to get on board with as the Brazilians brazenly showcase their ability to to rock hard while making barbed and uncompromising points.

Energetic and more traditionally heavy songs like the title track, the progressive pacey guitars of Herakleion and the punky thrashiness of Hairesis drive forward with intent. Each one offering something a little different but not so much that they don’t fit the scope of the album as a whole.

In fact, Hybrid War is every bit the addictive monster you could hope it to be. It never stops giving meaty riffing, wicked clean singing and hardcore energy. The latter part of the album is particularly strong with Chicago Boys and Biped Goodbye.

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Malvina – Hybrid War Full Track Listing:

1. Hybrid War
3. Scenario
4. Herakleion
5. The Anomie
6. Nowhere At Home
7. Hairesis
8. The Cypher
9. Chicago Boys
10. Biped Goodbye



The album is available via all major digital services including Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes. Find out more by checking out Malvina’s Facebook Page and Instagram.


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Malvina - Hybrid War (Various Labels)
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