Album Review: Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy – Smutnice (Redblack)

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy have been pioneering their own way in folk metal since their founding in 1995. They emerged from Moravia, which makes up the eastern third of modern day Czech Republic, deep within the Slavonic heartlands. It is the Slavic feelings of ancient longing and melancholy that fuel the fires of passion in their music, which is a unique combination of traditional Moravian folk music and doom/death metal.

They are now about to release their latest album entitled ‘Smutnice’. As for the title, it’s not a common word in Czech language. “Smutnice” is a noun coming from adjective “smutný” what means “sad / sorrowful”, so the meaning could be like “a poem of sadness” or “someone who brings sadness”. The album is out on December 7th 2018 via Redblack.


It’s the folkish side of Silent Stream of Godless Elegy that is showcased in the opening track Ten, ktery ukoval Slunce. Mixing their traditional instruments with a deeper, richer and heavier guitar driven sound along with impressive vocals that soar while still sounding as though they’re part of some sort of ancient woodland ritual. It’s not the strongest of starts even if a solid guitar solo perks the ears up.

Kdo z nas je vic ups the metal game good and proper with a ferocious blasting of drums and a dirty groove helped along by a contrasting style of vocals. We get both male and female clean singing along with gutteral deathy disgust. It’s got plenty that appeals as does the following Synecku and Ptakoprav both of which are steeped in folk melody and morose rhythm.

Solid if not a bit uninspiring.

Happily that changes with the tome that is Maloverna, the opening bass lines giving way to softly sung vocals and a piano tune that gives it a gothic and uneasy feel. It’s exciting and interesting even when it dispenses with that for a more traditional rockier direction.

However the highlight comes in the form of Za nevestou. The chanted vocals, the violin use and doomy guitar riffs blend together to create a modern day folk epic and it hits all the right spots. This is the track you sell this band on.

While folk metal is hardly a unique concept nowadays it has to be said that Silent Stream of Godless Elegy stand out. They stand out by staying very true to their roots while making a strong statement within the metal world.

Smutnice 1

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy – Smutnice Full Track Listing:

1. Ten, ktery ukoval Slunce
2. Kdo z nas je vic
3. Synecku
4. Ptakoprav
5. Maloverna
6. Za nevestou
7. Tichy zpev
8. Bezbrezi



You can pick up the album now digitally over on Bandcamp and find out more by liking the band’s Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and on Instagram.

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Smutnice (Redblack)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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