Single Slam – Death Perception by Thy Art is Murder

One of Australia’s heaviest musical exports, Thy Art is Murder, have released a new single called Death Perception. Check it out below.

Death Perception is the lead single on a special, limited edition 7” vinyl which also has a remastered version of No Absolution on it. The Sydney based deathcore band’s last release was 2017’s solid Dear Desolation. You can read our thoughts on that here. Thy Art is Murder really introduced themselves as a force to be reckoned with when they released their 3rd full length, Holy War. That album turned them from a “popular in Australia” band to a worldwide name. After that though, rather then take the chance and propel themselves to greater heights they hit a troublesome period that saw their front man, Chris McMahon (CJ) leave the band for financial reasons.

Death Perception

This did two things. It dropped Thy Art is Murder’s name from everyone’s lips but also highlighted the struggles bands were facing in the music industry through poor returns from digital sales. Something that we all need to play a part in correcting by going to shows, buying merch and cds but from official channels where the band get the majority of the return.

CJ returned to the band soon after, not missing a studio album at all actually though he did miss a split record called The Depression Sessions with Fit for an Autopsy and The Acacia Strain. That was recorded with a guest vocalist, Nick Arthur of the band Molotov Solution.

Alongside CJ, Thy Art is Murder are Sean Delander on rhythm guitar and Andy Marsh on lead guitar. On bass its Kevin Butler and on drums its Lee Stanton.

Death Perception is a short but forceful track that shows a nice return to form. At just over 2 and a half minutes, the song really looks to ram home it’s point as quickly and ruthlessly as possible. Blistering drums, vicious vocals and a punishing bass heavy riff are the order of the day. The lead guitars pulls little lines and muted sections keeping the “core” element strong as well as hitting you with a speedy little solo. There is a lot of stop start elements and switches in pace from speed death at the start through to a chunky, slowed down, slamming section near the end. It is impressive how much they have managed to squeeze into the short run time.

Death Perception is a strong song, supremely heavy but with style that harks back to the Holy War days. It looks like exciting times ahead in the Thy Art is Murder camp.

Grab a copy of the limited edition vinyl from Nuclear blast, here or through Impericon, here. Death Perception is alos available on all the normal streaming services, from here. Keep up to date with the band at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following the links.


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Death Perception by Thy Art is Murder
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