Album Review: Siberian Hell Sounds/Convulsing – Split (Art As Catharsis Records)

Sharing about 20 minutes each in this 2 track release, Siberian Hell Sounds & Convulsing both aim to bring the cold & brutal chill of blackened metal/death metal to the table. Out now digitally & due to be released on 12″ vinyl via Art As Catharsis.

It’s the Brisbane, Australian band Siberian Hell Sounds that begin thinks with a ferocious blackened style of metal. Meshing hardcore/grind with the chilling vibe of black metal, the intensity rarely drops. When it does it’s just to build back towards delivering blasting hot snippets of metal.

The disjointed style of guitars sometimes makes it difficult to feel completely comfortable with what’s being heard here. Forcing you to be constantly on the tips of your toes, edging away from the lip of the cliff. However when Siberian Hell Sounds drop that for a raging torrent of noise, any pretence of safety is forgotten.

It’s quite impressive that Siberian Hell Sounds are able to keep up this level of intensity for such a long period of time.

Convulsing offers a darker effort. A one-man blackened death metal act, it’s incredibly violent from the moment the thumping bleakness kicks off. After a couple of minutes of unadulterated ferocity, things get a little more melodic but just as dark. Slowing things down to a near stand-still, a soft guitar melody, light drum taps & growling vocals change things up a bit before returning to the wildness.

Several times throughout the 20+ minutes of Engraved Upon Bleached Bone, the faster heaviness is brought to a halt. Replaced with dread, haunting sounds & a darkness underlining everything. While it just about works, you can’t help but question the overall structure of the track & by the 15 minute mark you’ll start to check out mentally.

Siberian 1

Siberian Hell Sounds/Convulsing – Split Full Track Listing:

1. The Breath of the Beast (Siberian Hell Sounds)
2. Engraved Upon Bleached Bone (Convulsing)

You can pick up the album digitally now on Bandcamp where you can also order the 12″ LP. Find out more about Siberian Hell Sounds on their Facebook Page & Convulsing on their Facebook Page.

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