Demo Review: Take Me Down – Demo (Self Released)

Hailing from Kokkola in Finland, Take Me Down are a hard rock/metal band who released a demo earlier this year.

Take Me Down 1

A nice bassy rock beat opens the demo, showcasing a rich sound that really hits hard with its riffs, good vocals & wicked guitar solo. Bye Bye My Darling is a firm start. It’s followed up with a pleasing melody & some softly sung vocals as Final Medicine shows the range that Take Me Down have. Especially when the beat increases bringing a heavier & very appealing sound. The guitar solo here is particularly great.

Wake Me Up continues the huge bass sound, a rumbling & dark effort, one that resonates deeply before Under One’s Thumb gets the body moving. All thanks to a grungy groove, hooks & another eye-opening guitar solo.

Take Me Down are absolute pros at delivering huge riffs & memorable moments as Waste of Space proves with a stunning pacey beat. A very impressive demo finishes up with one more slab of hard rock excitement. Devil May Care seals the deal on the quality of this release.

Take Me Down 2

Take Me Down – Demo Full Track Listing:

1. Bye Bye My Darling
2. Final Medicine
3. Wake Me Up
4. Under One’s Thumb
5. Waste of Space
6. Devil May Care

Check it out yourself over on YouTube & find out more about Take Me Down as well as keep up to date with news over on Facebook.

Take Me Down - Demo (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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