Horror Movie Review: Dismembering Christmas (2015)

A boorish Christmas slasher, Dismembering Christmas lacks originality, a decent plot, memorable characters, decent actors or exciting deaths. It’s as humdrum as they come but is at least mercifully short.

The story is very basic, a group of young adults are staying at an isolated cabin in the woods for the seasonal holiday. Unfortunately for them there is a killer on the loose & the ‘slay’ bells are about to ring.

Dismembering 2

Dismembering Christmas doesn’t begin or end well even though it tries to throw in a twist when it comes to the killer reveal. The story has been done over and over again especially with Christmas horrors, there’s nothing new here.

Dismembering 3

That may not have been such a big problem had the characters been noteworthy but they’re not. Not in the slightest! Cookie cutter youngsters here for one reason, to get cut up in a variety of ways. The actors, while not all terrible, the ones that are really stink up the screen. Awkward dialogue, interactions & behaviour in the face of death just elicits groans.

There is a decent amount of gore & as stated above, the kills are varied. However, many require a serious suspension of disbelief. In particular one that involves a character being stabbed through a snowman. How? Where did the villain come from & how did they stay hidden!?

Dismembering 4

That’s not the worst of it though. Dismembering Christmas has some serious lighting & sound issues. Sudden spikes & drops, sometimes in the same scene is incredibly distracting & comes across so amateurish. These issues seem to increase as the movie goes on leading to a frustrating finale. It’s not unwatchable but it is annoying.

The best thing about Dismembering Christmas is that it can at least say it’s a Christmas horror.

Dismembering 5

The snowy landscape, the Christmas decorations & the characters clothes all make this feel very Christmassy. That’s a serious plus for this movie as a few too many Christmas horrors get lazy in this department. We need more then just being told it’s that time of the year!

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Dismembering Christmas
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