Album Review: Ships Fly Up – Ghost Kingdom (Self Released)

Egor Fedotov from Samara, Russia is a music composer, a dreamer and a creator of the project Ships Fly Up that may become a guide to mysterious worlds for all. A project mixing post-rock, synth-rock and instrumental music. Ghost Kingdom is his new album and was released on March 15th 2019.

Ghost 2

Very much what someone might think of when it comes to describing post rock, Ships Fly Up’s Ghost Kingdom is a showcase of many of the great points surrounding the style of music.

What we have here is a great album, one built on haunting emotional soundscapes. Often light, airy and mysterious, the 9 tracks blend together to create an impressive picture. From the colour and warmth of the title track to the ringing hopeful sadness of Your Own World and the calming closer of Anomaly.

All of that is positive and makes it worth checking out but it’s not just about the ‘post’. Intriguing use of synth, often subtle, really makes a wealth of difference in turning the energy of a track on its head. Some of the most exciting moments in Ghost Kingdom come from these and will be what most remember long after it ends.

That and how it makes you feel when it chooses to get a little darker. About Death is a good example of that.

Any album that makes you feel is always going to be a good thing in our books. That someone’s work can elect an emotional response is the very essence of creation. That Ghost Kingdom can do that is well worth praising and remembering. At 51 minutes, it is an investment and not something digestible in one sitting. Stick around, have a few more tastes and you’ll find you never really get full.

Ghost 1

Ships Fly Up – Ghost Kingdom Full Track Listing:

1. Ghost Kingdom
2. About Death
3. I’m with You
4. Your Own World
5. Take My Hand
6. It Calls
7. Strange Game
8. Manifestation
9. Anomaly




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Ships Fly Up - Ghost Kingdom (Self Released)
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