Album Review: Sentient Horror – Morbid Realms (Testimony Records)

Following their first European tour and the critically acclaimed 2018 EP “The Crypts Below”, US Death Metallers Sentient Horror return with their sophomore full-length entitled “Morbid Realms”!

The album will be released on November 29th, 2019 via Testimony Records (Europe) and Redefining Darkness Records (North America).

Founder, vocalist and lead guitarist Matt Moliti states:

Through the writing process, ‘Morbid Realms’ became a much more serious, angry, mature, and aggressive sounding album than our debut, ‘Ungodly Forms’. I wanted to recall the unexpected song arrangements and more complicated structures of the classic early 90s death metal albums. Lyrically, the album incorporates more otherworldly horror, inspired by authors like Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft.

It has been a strong year for death metal and Sentient Horror do not change that with their new album, Morbid Realms. Another weighty slice of death metal pie, even those who have engorged themselves all year will find room for one more as Call of Ancient Gods brings fulfilment with enormous riffs, scathing vocals and an extra trick in the form of an epic guitar solo which has a touch of the traditional metal about it.

A strong start, Bound to Madness is the first hiccup as it has plenty of rage and power but not a lot to really make it stand out from the pack. The course is then quickly corrected with the chuggy horror of Sworn to the Dead and the daringly bounciness of Reanimated. Bouncy in a completely savage death metal way.

It’s a short and chaotic blast next with Ripped From Hell, a track that can rightfully be called ‘heavy for the sake of heavy’ as it doesn’t accomplish a lot. Even if it is the epitome of brutality.

Moving on but keeping it rooted in sickening levels of horribly addictive death metal noise, Loss of Existence raises the roof with some inventive riffs peppered throughout. Black Wings of Delirium pushes and pulls the mind as any attempt to discern just what is going on here becomes a fruitless endeavour. No complaints though as out of that chaos is something well worth spending a few minutes listening too.

The latter part of the album wraps things up with a trio born out of fire and ferocity. Obsessive Killing Disorder, the title track and Cemetery Slaughter. Each one swinging and slamming down as hard as humanly possible. Solid, no nonsense metal confirming this as another quality death metal release this year.

Sentient Horror – Morbid Realms Full Track Listing:

1. Call of Ancient Gods
2. Bound to Madness
3. Sworn to the Dead
4. Reanimated
5. Ripped From Hell
6. Loss of Existence
7. Black Wings of Delirium
8. Obsessive Killing Disorder
9. Morbid Realms
10. Cemetery Slaughter




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Sentient Horror - Morbid Realms (Testimony Records)
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