Album Review: Luna Kills – Before the Satellites (King2Music Records)

Luna Kills is an energy filled, hard hitting rock band from Finland. Originally formed in 2015 under name ‘Tocornal’ with Lotta Ruutiainen (vocals), Samuli Paasineva (guitars), but officially started 2016. They had a few line-up changes over the years but finally gained its full shape, with Lassi Peltonen on bass and Maiju Mäki on drums.

Luna Kills’ self released their debut album ‘Before the Satellites’ in November of 2018. However they have since signed to King2Music Records so will now re-release the album via the record label on November 29th ​2019.

A light and airy intro with Aurora gives way to some upbeat sounding rock music with Violent Waters. The shaky vocal style of Lotta Ruutiainen cutting through everything like a hot knife through butter, although the riffs more then back her up. It’s a solid start that shows scope as it it drops and builds in varying tempos.

It’s a step up for Desperado and Aftermath though as Luna Kills begin to showcase how much good time groove they have. Both that bit faster, a lot more hard rocking and with just a bit more snarl. This is the attention grabbing stuff the band have, the latter track in particular is really energetic.

As sultry as she is powerful, vocalist Lotta Ruutiainen is the star of Heartbreaking Cool, crooning at one point then at the other singing with all her might. Keeping with her, the whispered spoken word intermission of Eclipse is something a bit bit different and it flows perfectly back into the upbeat rockiness of God Bless. So tight and on point is this, that unless you checked you might not even notice the tracks were not the same one. It’s also the longest track on the album, meaning Luna Kills have to really extend themselves.

A bit more pep kicks Life Goals into full gear, the rant-like vocals making this a standout effort before Take Me Home and Crash wrap Luna Kills’ impressive debut up. Confirming that it’s a good thing we’re getting this re-release. All so more eyes and ears can be focused on them.

Luna Kills – Before the Satellites Full Track Listing:

1. Aurora
2. Violent Waters
3. Desperado
4. Aftermath
5. Shake It
6. Heartbreaking Cool
7. Eclipse
8. God Bless
9. Life Goals
10. Take Me Home
11. Crash


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Luna Kills - Before the Satellites (King2Music Records)
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