Album Review: Abominablood – Abomination Continues (Cyclopean Eye Productions)

Abominablood is an obscure entity from Argentina that plays a suffocating blend of death metal and bestial black metal that sears forth with unrelenting aggression yet maintains an eerie and evil atmosphere. Fans of Teitanblood and Archgoat to modern beasts like Svart Crown and Desolate Shrine will surely find enough and more to sink their teeth into. Their latest album, Abomination Continues is out now.



Eight tracks of face-melting, mind-fucking and primal sounding metal. Abominablood are a take no prisoners, tear your face off kind of metal band and it is so appealing! Flying by in a blur of ferocity and ancient rage, Pentagram of the Seven Dimensions, PZZU (Sacrifice and Transmutation), Beast of Another World (TSHUP AKLATHEP) are terrifying in just how unrelentingly brutal they are.

What helps make Abomination Continues stand out are the use of ancient chants mixed in with gut-wrenching heaviness. Not exactly light or melodic, it instead makes it feel ripped from time, almost ritualistic in delivery.

At it’s core though, Abomination Continues is all about furious heaviness and that is something Abominablood deliver with ease.

Abominablood 1

Abominablood – Abomination Continues Full Track Listing:

1. Intro – Inverted Triangle Formation
2. Pentagram of the Seven Dimension
3. Black Reverend
4. PZZU (Sacrifice and Transmutation)
5. The Influence of Kali – Ma Sacrament (Intrelude)
6. Beast of Another World (TSHUP AKLATHEP)
7. Funeral Doctrine (The Antichrist Pride)
8. Knell and Bathed in Bloodc of the Earthly Karmas (Outro)

Find out all you need to know over on Facebook and listen to PZZU via Bandcamp.


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Abominablood - Abomination Continues (Cyclopean Eye Productions)
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