Album Review: Barkasth – Decaying (Svarga Records)

Barkasth are a new formation on the landscape of the Ukrainian Black Metal scene. The source of inspiration for the band members is a radically negative attitude towards religion. Their debut album, Decaying is to be released on June 24th 2018 by Svarga Music.

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Shadow filled, crushingly heavy and as intense as you would expect, Barkasth’s debut is going to see them gain plenty of attention. What helps them stand out from the pack are the rhythmic elements that showcase a much more exciting guitar sound. It’s not about hitting as hard as humanly possible in the hope that the noise will overshadow the flaws. No, Barkasth want you to hear every single element of their ritual and a really clean production ensures you can.

Not to suggest that Barkasth are lacking in power. Far from it as tracks like Blood & Flesh, Soul Away and the title track roar with black metal malice and destruction. Being only 7 tracks long, they fit in a hell of a lot and it turns out to be the perfect length. A great showing of just what they have to offer which is bleakness and sonic filth.

They may be layered in darkness but Barkasth are a shining light within the modern black metal scene.

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Barkasth – Decaying Full Track Listing:

1. Begging By Freaks
2. Alone
3. Blood & Flesh
4. Soul Away
5. Decaying
6. Shepherd
7. …Where Was The Son Of God

Check out Barkasth via Bandcamp, on Facebook and YouTube.

Barkasth – Decaying (Svarga Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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