Album Review: Black Shroud – Death Culture (Self Released)

Black Shroud are a four-piece from northwest Ohio who set out to write their own brand of American black metal. They are blue collar American rogue black metal. No gimmicks, no BS.

They released their debut album, Death Culture on January 12th 2019. A concept album geared towards various burial rituals around the world.



Five tracks rooted in the heaviness of black with input from the death metal world, Death Culture is a roaring pit of hellish sounds. One that, once fallen into, rips and tears at the mind and body. Tower of Silence, Immolation of Souls and Mellified Man sees the first half pull no punches with bone crunching and grinding levels of brutality.

It’s familiar in the sense that Black Shroud aren’t doing anything new but they do create a really exciting album of blackened metal. As it develops it seems to get darker and more horrifying leading to a final double header that drags you down deep under the murky waters. Inhuman and Endocannibal sees Black Shroud focus all their evil energy into leaving you battered and bruised.

Say thank you.

Black Shroud 1

Black Shroud – Death Culture Full Track Listing:

1. Tower Of Silence
2. Immolation Of Souls
3. Mellified Man
4. Inhumation
5. Endocannibal

The album can be picked up via Bandcamp and you can find out more over on Facebook.

Black Shroud - Death Culture (Self Released)
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