Album Review: Schavot – Galgenbrok (Void Wanderer Productions/War Productions)

On October 1st, Void Wanderer Productions & War Productions will release ‘Galgenbrok’, the debut of Schavot. A solo project of multi-instrumentalist Floris (Asgrauw, Meslamtaea and Sagenland).

An atmospheric black metal album, Galgenbrok is all about nature, folklore and the historic second wave of black metal. Schavot crafting an album that has peace and serenity layered amongst a feral and raw bout of savage heaviness.

Instantly familiar to anyone who has experienced a naturistic take on black metal, what marks Galgenbrok out as a bit different is the lack of voyeuristic tendencies. A lot of music in this vein tends to focus on looking on from a distance. To not disturb serene environments and experience the folklore of ancient places with your mind rather than be there physically.

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Galgenbrok is more about being there. Bring part of nature and assimilating with it. Hearing the snap of dead twigs under your feet, smelling the pine and tasting the thick, green air. All while being transported to times long past, dripping in folklore and myth. It’s very convincing, combining freshness and tranquillity with blistering black metal instrumentation and howling, demonically infused vocals.

Calling it simple is doing the depth in sound an injustice, but Schavot knows exactly what needs to be done and does it with ease and confidence. Short enough to not feel like a pointless meander but long enough to lose yourself in.

Schavot – Galgenbrok Full Track Listing:

1. Tussen Muren
2. Galgenbult
3. Witte Juffer
4. Helleveeg
5. Moerasland
6. Droglicht
7. Jammerklacht
8. Rooftocht


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Schavot - Galgenbrok (Void Wanderer Productions/War Productions)
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