Album Review: Scars Of Solitude – Deformation (Inverse Records)

Out on December 1st 2017 via Inverse Records, Deformation is the new album from Scars of Solitude. A melodic metal quintet from Äänekoski, Finland.

Solitude 1

Kicking off with some urgent groove, Scars of Solitude are bringing melancholy metal with this new album. Fool & Enemy deliver head-banging riffs, captivating hooks & just enough tunefulness to keep you attentive.

After the faster start things take a much gentler & easy-going route. Emotional Graveyard’s title is very fitting for a song that is steeped in morose melody & atmosphere while Live to Regret’s thought-provoking tune is effective.

Switching between up-tempo rhythm & rising melodies, Deformation moves along a decent pace. Each track is arranged impressively & thanks to top production quality it’s very hard not to find at least something to enjoy here. Great vocals, mischievous guitar solos & a clear understanding of what makes something memorable.

The final track, The End of Me is a great example of this. The conclusion of a dark & cold but colourful sounding album.

Solitude 2

Scars of Solitude – Deformation Full Track Listing:

1. Fool
2. Enemy
3. Emotional Graveyard
4. Live to Regret
5. I Remain Here
6. Drown
7. Dead Love Resurrection
8. The End of Me

You can listen to or pick up Enemy/Drown now over on Bandcamp as well as via Spotify & Apple Music above. Find out more about Scars of Solitude by liking their Facebook Page, following them on TwitterInstagram and by checking out some of their videos on YouTube.

Scars Of Solitude - Deformation (Inverse Records)
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