Feature: Dragon Force X (Teaser & Release Date Announced)

Lost Art Films are excited to announce the official release date of its action/comedy web-series Dragon Force X, with brand new artwork and teaser trailer!

The Cult of Monster, the official online arm of Monster Pictures, will premiere the series on Monday 4th Dec at 12pm (5pm Sunday in LA), (01:00 GMT Monday) with new episodes every week free to watch over Dec/Jan (9 episodes in total).

Check out The Cult of Monster here.

Dragon Force 4

Written and directed by Lost Art Films founder Stuart Simpson, and based on his 2016 ‘Monster Fest Best Short Film’ award winning film of the same name, Dragon Force X is an 80’s inspired, adrenaline fuelled, over-the-top, epic action fantasy that’ll remind genre fans across the planet of the potency and sheer power of Australia’s greatest gift to humanity… Ozploitation!

Simpson, who made his name with the 2013 festival hit Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla, said of the production:

We shot the Dragon Force short last year in Melbourne and Vietnam, and premiered it at Monster Fest and the reaction was insane, people really loved it. It’s pretty much got everything I love in cinema – action, romance, thrills, chills, creatures and intrigue all rolled into sharp little bite sized episodes – think The Man From Hong Kong meets Blood Sport meets Barbarella meets Macgyver and you’re heading in the right kinda territory!”

Dragon Force 2

“Stu has had a long association with Monster Pictures, but this is our first creative collaboration and we couldn’t be more excited” said Monster Pictures Online Content Director Jarret Gahan, “Dragon Force was a the most talked about film at Monster Fest last year and the series carries on straight from where the short left off – it’s crazy, fun, bizarre and bitchin’ and we know people are gonna love it” he continued.

Dragon Force 5

About the Production:

Following in the footsteps of such nostalgic fan pleasers as Danger 5, Kung Fury, Stranger Things and Hobo With a Shotgun, Dragon Force X is an adrenaline-fuelled, serialized, adventure series made by and-for fans of ’80s TV and cinema.

Dragon Force 3

“In a seedy underworld of scum and villainy, where magic and wonder have been perverted by greed and a lust for power, assassin-for-hire Maddox Montana travels across strange and exotic lands in search of the Amulets of Fire, an ancient mystical force with the power to change reality. Desired by many, worthy of few, what begins as just another job turns into the adventure of a lifetime for Maddox and his gang of misfits, as they discover the full power and glory of Dragon Force X”

Dragon Force 6



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