Album Review: Saille – V (Black Lion Records)

Formed in 2009, Saille is a five-piece melody-driven black/death metal group, with members residing in the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium.

The fifth full-length album of the band, entitled V, is another landmark in the band’s existence. After a rough period, the group felt the need for a dramatic make-over, seeking deeper darkness, both live and in the studio. Visually and soundwise, Saille improved immensely with the addition of the new Dutch frontman: Jesse Peetoom (DunkelNacht, Evil Oath), a two meters of charisma, musical talent, and vocal power.

Black Lion Records will release Saille’s upcoming album, V, digitally and on digipak CD on April 9th, 2021.

It’s damn good to have Saille back. A band that is well loved by those in the know, having scratched and bitten their way to the upper echelons of the blackened death metal scene. V is not quite a refresh but is certainly Saille moving forward alongside their new vocalist. A talented individual that brings a level of intensity to the band not quite felt in some time. When he screams and roars at you, you listen.

Of course, he is just one part of this band and elsewhere the rest bring their A game. V is a crushing listen. The blazing heat of the death metal ferocity working in tandem with the icy cold blackness while exciting and carefully utilised melodies pad things out. From the very start, Saille bring the fire as Suffering Sanctuary builds jagged riffing and sharpened percussion up to an eruption of fire-breathing levels of metal. Liable to make your ears bleed through the sheer savagery on show, it’s got way more detail as it progresses than many would expect.

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Fetid Flesh follows the same frenzied formula (no complaints here) but has a few more shifts that keep things fresh sounding. The drumming is particularly notable during one such twist. Charnel Chamber has Saille really embracing the evil in their black metal sound to thrilling results. This is the mire and sinking in it is grin-inducing.

Which makes the tongue in cheek gothic piano-intro and transition into chunky guitars on Loathsome Legacy so surprising. Not because it’s uninteresting, it really isn’t but rather it’s not quite what we’re used to on this album. It does eventually turn into something much more brutal obviously but you might find yourself puzzling over it as the track goes on. Especially as the unusual nature of the rhythm is disconcerting. A hell of a guitar solo can be found here though.

Simplifying things (if such words can be used with Saille), Empty Expanse and Baleful Beauty bring classic in-your-face blackened death aggression. The faster tempo of the former and the chuggy darkness of the latter keep this album rooted in the quality bracket.

The last track (for digital listeners), Terror Tapestry, has Saille just going all out to melt faces and blow out ear drums. A wild assault of noise that would be messy in less capable hands. Here though, Saille make their guitars sound possessed. Vocally, Satan has seemingly taken over the duties, and the bass and drums reach inhuman levels of crashing and banging. Unbelievably intense and unbelievably exciting.

There is one more for people to enjoy though if you pick up the CD copy, called Mirror Motions. One that has a thick bassy start, frenzy of black noise and impressively varied vocals. Hell, there’s even some clean singing. Something that really does stand out as different from the rest of the album but is one that all fans should be looking to hear.

Which is the case with the album overall. Miss out on this at your own peril. Saille are back and better than ever, thank fuck for that.


Saille – V Full Track Listing:

1. Suffering Sanctuary
2. Fetid Flesh
3. Charnel Chamber
4. Loathsome Legacy
5. Empty Expanse
6. Baleful Beauty
7. Terror Tapestry
8. Mirror Motions (Bonus Track)


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