Horror Movie Review: Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

Originally released in 2011, Bunnyman (Known as The Bunnyman Massacre in the UK) was something of a hit with indie horror fans. A slasher horror movie that took inspiration from the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more. Notably, its killer wore a full-sized rabbit suit with the head and all. Hence the name of ‘Bunnyman’.

It wasn’t a classic or anything but it had some entertainment value. You can read our review here.

Writer and director Carl Lindbergh would follow that up with a sequel in 2014 (as well as a 3rd movie in 2017) called Bunnyman Massacre aka Bunnyman 2.

The bad bunny is back, alongside local ‘beef’ jerky store owner, Joe (David Scott). Together, the pair’s cruel and vicious ways cause the blood to fly. Quite literally, as the movie opens in brutal fashion. Bunnyman (Joshua Lang) attacking a school bus and slaughtering most of the kids with a chainsaw. It’s a rip-roaring start and tells you exactly what this film is going to be… very little plot, lots of violence and gore.

We don’t have much in the way of story here. Joe and Bunnyman pick off different groups of travellers. Some last longer than others, one might be the ‘star’ but it quickly becomes clear that Bunnyman is what this film really wants to focus on. Well, that and Joe’s torturous ways as he teases and assaults the numerous women that he gets in his grip. All in that mucky and grim grindhouse way.

It’s the sort of stuff that you get tired of hearing and seeing after 30 minutes of it, let alone 100 minutes of it. Even if David Scott does really well in the role.

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No-one’s here for a thrilling story though. What we’re all here for is the kills and the gore. Bunnyman 2/Massacre does not disappoint. Even if some CGI is used here and there. You want blood? This film delivers and is shot smartly to hide any notable flaws. The chainsaw gets revved up plenty but it’s not the only weapon used. Hell, there’s even a fun nod to Friday the 13th as Bunnyman finds a female camper in a sleeping bag.

As a standalone film, Bunnyman Massacre isn’t a big step forward from the original movie. If you didn’t know already, you could easily see this as a reboot/re-imagining in the same way that Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are. A barebones story, no deeper details about Bunnyman or Joe, and no protagonist to get behind. There’s not much here beyond a ton of violence and gore. That’s entertaining but it doesn’t make for a classic.


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Bunnyman Massacre
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