Album Review: Exterminated – The Genesis of Genocide (Comatose Music)

Formed in Dasmariñas in the Philippines in 2016 by Ace Estandian (Anal Fissure, Guillotined), Exterminated first made their mark with the Elements Of Obliteration EP some two years later. With Anal Fissure drummer Myke Pardo now supplying some of the most barbaric vocals ever recorded, Exterminated are ready to start the slaughter!

Always alert to stirrings of extreme savagery in the worldwide brutal death metal scene, Comatose Music signed Exterminated in 2020 and are now ready to begin this new campaign of eradication. On April 9th, 2021 the barriers will break and the walls come tumbling down as The Genesis Of Genocide is unleashed.

Get your grimace on, Exterminated have something really nasty for your ears. Calling it The Genesis of Genocide and bringing the filth in bucket loads, this extreme metal band have one goal. A singular goal to make you feel dizzy and sick. Through their intense medium of extreme metal.

Repulsive guttural noise, it’s not just the vocals that are dishing out the vileness.

The guitars sound like the strings are made from flesh, the bass is the howling of the damned as their skin is peeled off and the drums are being played on empty skulls. It’s a ferocious listen that conjures up the most hellish of visions. After listening to this, you won’t want to close your eyes in fear of what you might see in the darkness.

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You’ll have already made up your mind if this is going to be your jam or not. If you have a deep seeded hatred for extreme (and nothing else) metal, then this isn’t going to change your outlook. It is aimed at those who enjoy wallowing in blood, guts and faeces. Exterminated have bucket loads to share.

Exterminated – The Genesis of Genocide Full Track Listing:

1. Systematic Holocaust
2. Impulsive Decimation
3. Detrimentum
4. Murderous Intent
5. Grave for the Slaughtered
6. Inevitable Annihilation
7. Chaotic Dimension of the Insane
8. Abyss of the Dead
9. The Art of Mutilation


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Exterminated - The Genesis of Genocide (Comatose Music)
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