Album Review: Regicide – Resist Control (Self Released)

Rising from the vibrant Essex, UK metal scene, thrashers Regicide will release their debut album, ‘Resist Control’ on July 5th, 2024.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a group of pissed off Brits with a chip on their shoulders playing some nasty sounding thrash metal. Say hello to Regicide and their banging debut album, Resist Control.

Excitement builds with an intro that delivers the sound of conflict, immediately creating the desire to be defiant in the face of those who look to oppress. A desire that turns into a full-on display of belligerence as One By One fully embraces the ‘call to arms’ that defines this record. Regicide showing off their thrash sensibilities with a sneering and snarling blast of riffy heaviness.

The neck muscles will already feel like they’ve had one hell of a workout and the album has only just got started.

Consider that the warmup though, as the speed and ferocity of Regicide’s power really comes out with You Ain’t Nobody. A violent blast of heaviness with some pit-starting riffing. Then there’s Suppression, a track with a bit more groove, albeit warped by Regicide’s penchant for delivering brash head banging inducing metal. Before the album passes the halfway point with the vitriolic title track. If you had any doubt about the authenticity of Regicide’s anger, then this track puts that nonsense to bed. It’s freaking thrash carnage at its very best.

Those vocals are so fierce, but accompanied by the weight of punchy riff after riff, gargantuan hooks, and a pummelling percussion section, is what makes the Regicide unit so very special.

Had enough guitar? Of course not, because here’s another blistering showcase of power with Disposable Crown. The speed is liable to give you heart palpitations. Followed then by Dying to Be Liked, one of the heaviest tracks of all as the vocals get particularly shouty and the chorus rages hard. Before there’s a shift in tone with Unified Strength as this one has a bit more melody and a bit more of a modern anthemic stance. Kick f**king ass.

Who would want this to end? Alas, end it must, and happily, Regicide go out with a thrashy bang as Run Your Mouth makes sure you know what is coming your way if you talk s**t.

The epitome of ‘all killer, no filler’ and Regicide deserve a massive amount of props for injecting some serious life into a metal sub-genre that hasn’t been the most animated in recent times. Resist Control is a banger album and that should be all you need to know.

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Regicide – Resist Control Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. One By One
3. You Ain’t Nobody
4. Suppression
5. Resist Control
6. Disposable Crown
7. Dying To Be Liked
8. Unified Strength
9. Run Your Mouth


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Regicide – Resist Control (Self Released)
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