Horror Movie Review: Significant Other (2022)

Before I get into how much I didn’t like this film, I do want to give credit to the film for having one of the most unexpected story turns seen in some time. It’s hard to be surprised in this realm anymore, so any film that manages to do that, deserves a pat on the head.

That being said, it’s freaking jarring, and for every person that loves the switch, there will be another who hates. I just happen to be on the side of hate here.

Written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, Maika Monroe plays Ruth and Jake Lacy plays Harry, a couple who have gone camping in the woods. It’s more Harry’s thing, but Ruth has agreed to come along this time. They seem happy, even if there are some issues that they aren’t quite addressing. One of which is Ruth’s fear of marriage, which makes Harry’s proposal a really dumb idea.

The couple already had tension, but Ruth’s rejection makes it even worse. Although they try to move past it, the trip isn’t as much fun now.

It’s about here, that things start to get weird, leading to the surprising story turn. I’m going to stop talking about the story though, because, it’s a surprise well worth experiencing yourself. Even if it’s a bit of a struggle to get to that point.

One of the problems is Ruth and Harry’s lack of believability as a couple. It’s suggested that they have been together six years, but it feels more like six months. They have moments of chemistry, but nowhere enough to make their relationship feel real. Another problem is the slow pacing. Not a lot happens for quite a while. There is a foreboding feeling around the forest, but it’s hard to feel tension when there’s nothing to cause it.

It all feels very serious, hence the feeling that you’re watching more of a psychological thriller at first. Then along comes the story turn, and suddenly it’s a blend of horror, thriller, and oddly, comedy. As surprising as all of this is, the over-riding word is ‘jarring’ and while it’s certainly more interesting than the first half, it might just be too much.

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It’s not quite like watching two different films smashed together, as the characters remain the same and certain themes carry over, but the earlier moody, psychological tone feels a long way away when you’ve got blades coming out of people’s fingers like a s**t Wolverine.

That’s weird, right? You don’t know the half of it. Significant Other is bold, but it isn’t good.


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Significant Other (2022)
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