Album Review: High Reeper – High Reeper (Self Released)

On November 3rd 2017, High Reeper will release their self-titled debut album. Nine tracks of stoner doom metal in the style of Orchid, Castle and St. Vitus.

High Reeper 1

Opening with a deep booming groove & early Sabbath-esqe vocals, High Reeper offer a thickness in guitar sound that is as much about the past as it is the present. The dirty sludge sound is so appealing no matter if it’s an up-tempo or a slower doomier track.

Chrome Hammer, Reeper Deadly Reeper & Double Down and Let It Ride are some of the faster & more beat-laden tracks that swing & sway with some sleazy rhythm & soaring vocals. The kind of swagger-ish music to drink a beer, light up a smoke & lean back too.

The bass heavy beat of the title track proves that High Reeper know groove, making their sludgy sound brighter & upbeat. It’s hard to move far from the early Sabbath connections though. To say this self-titled debut has been influenced by the legendary band is an understatement.

A track like Weed & Speed drips with smoky atmosphere conjuring up images of masked gatherings under the cover of darkness. Gatherings where things get wilder as the night goes on.

The album comes to a close with a double helping of meaty & sludgy groove. The catchy Black Leather (Chose Us) & the hip swaying vibe of Friend of Death, a song that slays with screaming guitar licks & a throbbing bass hook.

High Reeper 2

High Reeper – High Reeper Full Track Listing:

1. Die Slowly
2. Chrome Hammer
3. Soul Taker
4. High Reeper
5. Reeper Deadly Reeper
6. Weed & Speed
7. Double Down and Let It Ride
8. Black Leather (Chose Us)
9. Friend of Death

You can keep up to date with news of the album’s release by liking the band’s Facebook Page. You can also check them out on Soundcloud.


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High Reeper - High Reeper (Self Released)
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