Album Review: Havok – V (Century Media Records)

Colorado-based thrashers Havok are back! After a whirlwind yet rewarding cycle for 2017’s Conformicide effort, the high-octane outfit have emerged from the studio victorious with their new album, V. It will be released on May 1st 2020.

As thrash as tight denim jeans and battle jackets, Havok’s V is 11 tracks of heavy, head-banging metal. The sound of thrash we all know dragged kicking and screaming into the present as Havok look to make their mark on 2020. Something they are more than capable of.

It’s all about the speed and the riffs for Post-Truth Era and Fear Campaign, Havok getting V off to a blistering start. The bite of the vocals adding the vicious stamp on the guitar heavy tracks, both offering quality solos too.

Then there are the percussion-led numbers that pull on the neck muscles like Betrayed By Technology and Ritual of the Mind. Stuff that’s easy to let wash over you and even easier to bang the head too. The bass lines in the latter are to die for.

The force of Havok’s thrash is unending as they continue to blow all expectations out of the water with the ballsy groove of Interface With the Infinite. A track that is one you can envision in the live environment. A sea of thrashers losing their mind to the heavy-ass rhythm.

A brief break in proceedings with the short atmospheric Dab Tsog allows a chance to catch the breath before Phantom Force and Cosmetic Surgery has Havok return with renewed energy. A short and sharp jab to the temples from the masters of modern thrash.

Hold some of that energy in reserve though as Havok have plenty more in the tank and even throw in a surprise or two. Namely the expansive Panpsychism with its opening ringing guitar melody, beastly bass, bell tolling and fiery bursts.

If you weren’t sold on the brilliance of V, this will be the track where it becomes undeniable.

By contrast Merchants of Death might seem rather ordinary, sticking to tradition. However, this works in the album’s favour as it breaks apart the expansive former and the humongous finale of Don’t Do It. A slow moving epic of thrash proportions with some surprising clean singing, it’s truly remarkable.

Havok – V Full Track Listing:

1. Post-Truth Era
2. Fear Campaign
3. Betrayed By Technology
4. Ritual of the Mind
5. Interface With the Infinite
6. Dab Tsog
7. Phantom Force
8. Cosmetic Surgery
9. Panpsychism
10. Merchants of Death
11. Don’t Do It


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Havok - V (Century Media Records)
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