Horror Movie Review: The Hidden (1987)

The Hidden is a Sci-Fi horror film that was directed by Jack Sholder, releasing in 1987. An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent killing spree. A local officer and mysterious FBI agent are in pursuit of the extraterrestrial.

Jack DeVries robs a bank, kills all of the security guards and leads the Police Department on a high-speed chase. The chase ends when DeVries encounters a police blockade overseen by Detective Thomas Beck. DeVries is shot several times, smashes through the blockade and crashes the Ferrari he is driving. DeVries is taken to a hospital, where a doctor informs Beck and his partner that DeVries is not expected to survive the night.

Upon his return to police headquarters, Beck meets FBI Special Agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan). Beck has been assigned to work with Gallagher to track down DeVries. When told of DeVries’s condition, Gallagher rushes off to the hospital.

At the hospital, DeVries suddenly awakens. Disconnecting his life-support equipment, he approaches the comatose Miller in the next bed. After DeVries forces Miller’s mouth open a slug-like alien emerges from DeVries’ and transfers itself into his body. Gallagher arrives to find DeVries dead on the floor and the comatose patient’s bed abandoned. Gallagher tells Beck to put out an alert for Miller but Beck refuses because he has no criminal record.

From then on, the parasite begins its path of destruction. At the same time Beck struggles with the notion that a number of law-abiding citizens would suddenly become crazed killers. Gallagher knows far more than he’s letting on and appears to have a personal vendetta against the creature. All will be revealed to Beck who must come to terms with the idea that the situation is far more alien than he could ever imagine.

The Hidden is a really enjoyable Sci-Fi horror. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Beck & Gallagher. There is something really sweet and genuine about it. Kyle MacLachlan delivers an endearing performance with effective subtleties that hint at the eventual twist.

The concept may not be entirely original and it’s packed with genre conventions. However, it’s a solid idea and everything is executed really well. I liked the characters and wanted to see them survive and succeed. The whole film has this delightful 80s vibe that cannot be replicated in modern times. The pacing is quite fast so you’re never given a moment to let your mind wander. Also, I liked the somber and yet heartwarming conclusion.

The effects throughout are minimal but what is shown holds up well. The weird slug-like alien creature looks really good. Expect a high body count, alien weaponry and plenty of shootouts as well as car chases and explosions. Keep an eye out for cameos from Lin Shaye & Danny Trejo.

The Hidden is a really fun ride and truly a hidden gem.


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The Hidden
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