Music News: Noiskin Release New Version Video Of ‘As I Lay Dying’ – Home Edition!

Italian alternative metallers Noiskin have released a new version for their song, As I Lay Dying, taken from the band’s debut album, Hold Sway Over.

Watch the video here:


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Noiskin state:

“Enjoy this quarantine version taken from our album “Hold Sway Over”. Stay home, stay safe and take care of your health!”

Speaking of the global situation, they also added:

“It’s time to stop, breathe and take care of the ones that we love. If we stick together, we’ll get out of this situation stronger than before and sharing music, dancing, and singing along will be more beautiful than ever. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone working for our health. Stay strong, stay safe, much love”

In 2015, Luca (lead vocals) and Marco (lead guitar) teamed up with their long-time friend Simone (bass guitar) and met Federico (drummer). A common mindset and the different though keen musical backgrounds were the perfect soil to plant the Noiskin seed. The band soon started to work on their first tracks, and found their musical dimension into the alternative metal scene.

Noiskin As I Lay Dying
Band-photo by Leonardo Colombo

Songs soon started to draw the common scenario that would become the first full length, Hold Sway Over, released in February, 2019: a concept album revolving around the theme of choices and the situations they put you into. While the album was being written and recorded, the band gigged around northern Italy. Noiskin is not only music. Noiskin means communicating, it means feeling, it is sharing.

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