Album Review: Preamp Disaster – By the Edges (Czar of Crickets)

Preamp Disaster – four musicians – 15 years – one passion: the creation of spherical and epochal soundscapes. The result of jamming and arranging is atmospheric post-doom, as hard as metal, as experimental as post-rock, as tight as stoner-rock. Preamp Disaster recognizes what is needed: patience. Patience to let the music evolve.

With ‘By the Edges’ they present their fourth studio album, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studio and will be released on February 4th, 2022 through Czar of Crickets.

Four tracks, four tomes of heavy noise. Preamp Disaster makes music that you feel in the pit of your stomach. Music that oozes atmosphere and crafts an undeniable sense of being transported elsewhere. Captivating music that holds the attention with doomy, post-driven grandeur, psychedelic and stoner traces, and experimental heaviness. Don’t be surprised if this 29-minute run-time flies by in a flash. Such is the characteristic ability of Preamp Disaster to have you sitting there in a dreamy, slack-jawed state.

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Each track is longer than the last, but each feels incredibly imposing. From the opener, Above the Bloodline, with its cold melodies, doomy groove, and powerful post-stance. To the aptly titled Dark Brilliance. A track that is both ‘dark’ and ‘brilliant’. Where post reigns supreme and Preamp Disaster take us on an exhaustive journey that features brief bursts of dirty intensity.

Though the sinister edge and moodiness of Holdun might take 1st place for being the most penetrating track on the album. The whispered vocals, the turn up of aggression, the doomy riffs… it’s a hell of a track.

By the Edges then ends with the longest offering in Entering One Last Epoch. Where that word ‘patience’ becomes even more significant. A deep and dark drop, the blend of post and doom is utterly mind-bending. Depressive but not overly so to the point of unenjoyment, thanks to smart melodies and varying tempo shifts. It is a very powerful ending on a very powerful album.

There may not be 29-minutes of post-doom as good as this throughout 2022.

Preamp Disaster – By the Edges Full Track Listing:

1. Above the Bloodline
2. Dark Brilliance
3. Holdun
4. Entering One Last Epoch


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Preamp Disaster - By the Edges (Czar of Crickets)
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