Album Review: Vinterdracul – The Murnau Nocturnes (Self Released)

The Murnau Nocturnes, the first full-length release by Vinterdracul, will be released on the 4th of February 2022 in digital format on Bandcamp and will be available on all major streaming platforms. Vinterdracul is a duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists Weirding Batweilder and Jean Farraige.

Exquisitely blending dark passages of gothic synth with lo-fi black metal, The Murnau Nocturnes is an exercise in musical world building — where the shrieking cast of characters includes an increasingly maddened film maker bedeviled by bad deals, paranoia, and a host of Hollywood vampires. The story involves Murnau going to Hollywood in 1928 to sign a big deal with a movie studio. Little does he know that Hollywood is infested with actual bloodsuckers and that he has made a deal with the devil.

Says Jean Farraige:

With this album, we intended to make something that would play like a movie in your mind.

Adds Weirding Batweilder:

You can call it a concept album, but it’s really just a series of songs that tells a story… a bit of historical fiction dressed up as a vampire tale.



It’s a very interesting idea and one hell of a way to bring attention to your debut. After all, vampires are never out of fashion and continue to terrify, horrify, and electrify regardless of the form they appear in. So, the story is set.

How about the music?

It’s unusual to say the least but a deep source of fascination. Beginning with gothic synth splendour, the palatable sense of imminent horror is present on Lost Films. Before we get a lo-fi style of synthy rock that might have you drawing comparisons to the likes of Ghost at first. Give Hollywood Vampires a moment though as Vinterdracul start to bring in darker and more metal orientated sounds.

Still not sure what you’re listening to? The Deal and Ghost of Max Schreck will go some way to clearing up the confusion. The former’s mix of lo-fi black metal and gothic synth makes for quite a foot-tapper. Whereas the latter is eerie grandeur stuffed into a little over a minute.

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So far, only one track has passed the two-minute mark and that was only by four seconds. Things are changing though as the listener finds themselves deeper in the tale. First is London After Midnight, a track that oozes sinister vibes. A track with methodical pacing and one that creates imagery of the big smoke haunted by creatures of the night.

The scenes will continue to play out in your head as you watch on in abject horror. Four Devils, Prana, Children of the Night, Metronome… a continuation of the haunting synth and abrasive lo-fi black metal sound. As unusual a collection of tracks as anything found elsewhere on this album.

Which can include the penultimate offering of Conde Dracula, one of the most abject sounding black metal tracks of The Murnau Nocturnes. As well as the finale of Skull of Murau, which is an atmospherically heavy closer.

This unusual style, the strange process that Vinterdracul follow and their experimental efforts certainly won’t go unnoticed. However, there’s no denying that this album will pose a challenge to many regardless of its unique make-up.

At 27 minutes long, it’s worth a gamble to see if it’s something you can enjoy though.

Vinterdracul – The Murnau Nocturnes Full Track Listing:

1. Lost Films
2. Hollywood Vampires
3. The Deal
4. Ghost of Max Schreck
5. London After Midnight
6. Four Devils
7. Prana
8. Children of the Night
9. Metronome
10. Conde Dracula
11. Skull of Murnau


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Vinterdracul - The Murnau Nocturnes (Self Released)
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