Album Review: Old Growth – Mossweaver (Supreme Chaos Records)

Old Growth is a black metal band focussing on nature, wilderness, shamanism, primitivism and ancient rites.The concept of this project is to create a shift in perspective away from ‘humans creating music’, towards an audible ‘experience of feral nature’ and an immersion into the atmosphere and meaning of the songs and their philosophy. Sole member Animist wrote all the music and lyrics.

The upcoming full-length called “Mossweaver” will be released on December 18th 2020 via Supreme Chaos Records.

An album that drips in atmospheric melodies, icy cold and haunting stuff, backed up by an intensive style of old-school black metal. Mossweaver is an accomplishment. Not just because it is all the work of one individual but because it embodies the primitive and natural elements that it promises. The immersive experience placing the mind and spirit into a realm inhabited by ancient flora and fauna.

At just 7 tracks but coming in at around 54 minutes, every single piece of music here is a journey. Each track, runs the gambit of heart-wrenching beauty to ice-cold atmosphere to unforgiving black metal ferocity and back again.

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Old Growth, Animist, has crafted a powerful, majestic and entrancing album. The simply phenomenal movements, from raging cesspools of horror to the chill that blows across the mind from yet another moving set of melodies, is unforgettable.

Once it’s over, you’ll have the overwhelming desire to sit in front of a fire just to try warm the soul up. Such is the impact Mossweaver will have on it.

Old Growth – Mossweaver Full Track Listing:

1. Old Growth
2. Oakenheart
3. Red Clouds
4. The Seedling
5. Queen of the Woodland Realm
6. Call of the Night Spirit
7. Altar of Wisdom


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Old Growth - Mossweaver (Supreme Chaos Records)
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