Album Review: Eos – The Great Ascension (Brilliant Emperor Records)

Australia’s Eos is an entity with a vast and deep history. Seeds for the vessel were planted over a decade ago when three colossal foundations came together and began forging ‘The Great Ascension’ with the sole purpose to craft an unheard voice within black metal. Begun in 2014 and completed in 2018, ‘The Great Ascension’ is seven songs of triumph, intensity and conviction.

The vision and sonic representation of Eos has been an uncompromising journey since its inception. Lyrically, ‘The Great Ascension’ paints vivid, nightmarish visions of man. The solemn journey through spiritual ecstasy, blood lust and pride. It is out on December 18th 2020 via Brilliant Emperor Records.

A furious force of black metal, Eos express themselves in the most intense way possible. The unwavering force of their beliefs erupting in horrible and harsh ways on the opening title track. If that hasn’t managed to floor you, the following bitter and ritualistic tome that is Valkyrie will leave the head-spinning. The vocals are so harsh to the ears, almost shouted rather than sung.

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A short, prodding and doomier Amour Propre is followed by the chaotic racket of Draugar. Where Eos have your head in their hands and refuse to let go until you’ve had a full on mental collapse.

Pick yourself back up though for the thrilling and thumping black metal fervour of Memento Mori, the most detailed and moving effort so far. The burning pits of hellish fire enough to move you to tears. Whereas Black Winter Bloodbath is just a steadfast blast of heat. Strong enough to melt skin from flesh, the guitars and drums are unforgivably heavy.

It’s Illumination and Will that brings The Great Ascension to a close, another richly detailed effort and filled to the brim with demanding black metal noise. It has the desired effect.

Eos – The Great Ascension Full Track Listing:

1. The Great Ascension
2. Valkyrie
3. Amour Propre
4. Draugar
5. Memento Mori
6. Black Winter Bloodbath
7. Illumination And Will


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Eos - The Great Ascension (Brilliant Emperor Records)
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