Album Review: Nails – You Will Never be One of Us (Nuclear Blast)


That’s my review.

I mean, just fuucck…this is the heaviest album I’ve heard this year. It’s pure aggression & fury has left me exhausted but anxious to give it another listen. 10 tracks with 8 of them coming in at under 2 minutes it’s a non-stop attack with incredible beats & identifiable riffs & hooks. It’s not just a mess of instruments clashing, it has structure & style.

The 55 second song, Made to Make You Fail is proof of that, the band managing to do more in that short amount of time then many of their peers do in 4 minute tracks.

The drumming is incredible (Life is a Death Sentence in particular), the beats are so intense & it’s hard to believe that there is this much energy in just one band.

The death metal vocals sit a bit further back letting the music take centre stage. It works perfectly here, the vocals are backing up the music, not the other way around. They enhance the heaviness to such an extent, this is music to lose your shit too. Head-bang, circle pit…whatever it takes & Into Quietus will have even the most reserved metal-head shaking his or her hair around wildly!

It comes as a surprise that the album goes out on an 8 minute song. Considering how short & sweet the others where this many have been to show that the band are capable of more then just brief blast of intense heavy metal.

It’s a slower more doom orientated song but retains the mind-crushing heaviness of the previous songs. It’s a fantastic ending to an album that is just mind-blowing. Check this out now.

Overall Track List:

1. You Will Never Be One of Us
2. Friend to All
3. Made to Make You Fail
4. Life is a Death Sentence
5. Violence is Forever
6. Savage Intolerance
7. In Pain
8. Parasite
9. Into Quietus
10. They Come Crawling Back

Nails - You Will Never be One of Us (Nuclear Blast)
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