Album Review: +MROME+ – Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell (Self Released)

The debut album from Polish duo, + MROME + is entitled Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell. Available digitally now, with a physical version due in the Spring.

Founded way back in 1995, the death/black metal project came back to life in 2009 after almost a decade of silence. Playing a rhythmic style of metal experimentation that is not bound by any particular sub-genre, +MROME+ get their debut off to a strong start.

Colors brings rumbling bass lines & an even level of harsh vocals with heavy drumming. Crush the Moon ups the quality with an old-school death metal edge & memorable chorus. While Migration Cult might have a darker tone to the vocals but has a really catchy rock & roll vibe to the riffs.

An unexpected but great cover of Danzig’s How the Gods Kill change things up before the middle of the album delivers hard hitting, pit-inducing metal with Trust, rocking rhythm with Generation Anthem & sombre tones with Piss & Laugh.

The wicked bass hooks come back for the brilliant Locust Follows Word before the double header of Magister Figurae Morte & The Arsonist finish off an excellent album. The former pulling away at the darkness within while the latter is the longest & most expansively progressive sounding track of the bunch.

A quality end to a quality album that has so much of the ‘underground’ about it without sounding too raw. Fans might have had to wait a while for this release but it was well worth it in the end!


+ MROME + – Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell Full Track Listing:

1. Colors
2. Crush the Moon
3. Migration Cult
4. How the Gods Kill (Danzig Cover)
5. Trust
6. Generation Anthem
7. Piss & Laugh
8. Locust Follows Word
9. Magister Figurae Morte
10. The Arsonist



You can pick up the album now via Bandcamp.


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+MROME+ - Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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