Album Review: High Priests – Spinning (Triple Eye Industries)

Triple Eye Industries will release Spinning, the new record by Chicago’s High Priests on March 23rd 2018.

High Priests 2

Making an impressive racket, High Priests’ new record has a grimy raw garage edge but with a bit more spit & polish. Deep cuts made by the bass lines & a desperation to the vocals that shines, Control opens the 11-track record nicely.

A minimalist approach to making heavy rock sees High Priests blast out thrilling noise. Sell Your Clothes an up-tempo crashing of hefty guitar work, Night Train’s chilled middle working wonders on the psyche, Ululu providing excitingly heavy drumming and the title track delivering psychedelic bass.

The filthiness that encrusts High Priests sound is one that truly gets under the skin. It’s a short album that feels even shorter as track after track speeds by in noisy rhythmic stomping. By time it reaches its conclusion the grit of the record will have left its mark. Ending with the triple header of the punchy Century Deprivation, the sultry bass lines of Drop of a Pin that erupts into the heaviest track of the album so far and groove-heavy All You.

A great effort.

High Priests 1

High Priests – Spinning Full Track Listing:

1. Control
2. Sell Your Clothes
3. Night Train
4. Ululu
5. 10 Years
6. Talking to a Cop
7. Spinning
8. More Than You Need
9. Century Deprivation
10. Drop of a Pin
11. All You

Head over to Triple Eye Industries to order the album & earlier releases on Bandcamp. You can find out more about High Priests on Facebook.


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High Priests - Spinning (Triple Eye Industries)
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